1.   There will be absolutely no sleeping at school. Anyone found sleeping at school would be dismissed and      suspended for one day.

2.   There is no smoking anywhere in the school.

3.   It is the student's responsibility to be aware of patron at their station. The receptionist will not search for

      any student. If a patron is left at a student's station unattended for more than five minutes, that student      will be suspended.

4.   Only the receptionist in charge of the front desk does patron assignments. Students are not allowed to

     choose their own patron or get any patron out of the waiting area.

5.   Students will service any patron assigned to them. There will be absolutely no switching patrons for any


6.   Requests will be handled in the following matter: The student will be notified of the request and receive

     payment at the time the patron is seated. Requests do not get special privileges over non-requests. The

     student will serve other patrons before their request to reduce overcrowding if necessary.

7.   Any student refusing to serve a patron will be immediately suspended.

8.   Students are not allowed in the offices or supply room without permission.

9.   Students may not loiter around the front desk.

10. Students may not leave the premises except during lunch.

11. Cooperation with student teachers and the receptionist in charge of the front desk is mandatory.

12. Students must completely clean their station every day. Mirrors, chair bases, drawers, and cabinets must

     be cleaned and floor swept before the student is allowed to leave for a day.


1.  Students are to use the student’s phone for all incoming and outgoing calls. Limit phone call to 3 minutes.      A student will not be called out of class or from work on a client for a telephone unless it's an


2.   Students should inform callers to use the student’s phone number instead of the business number.


1.   Students may get their own hair done once a week during the specified times of Tuesday thru      Thursday.

2.   Students must get permission from the instructor and sign out on the roll sheet at the front desk before

     any work is done, anyone not signed out, will get up and cut if needed or will get up and go home.

3.   Only one student may get their hair done at a time.

4.   Student facials will be allowed if there are no patrons waiting for service, if it gets busy, the student will

      immediately get up to serve a patron.


In the event of an emergence call 911 for assistance. Health data forms are completed by all students upon enrollment. This form contains information regarding medical conditions and emergence contact phone numbers. Students exhibiting serious illness are asked to return home. An emergency contact will be called to pick the student up from school if the illness is severe, but not life threatening.

In the event of weather emergencies or natural disaster such as FLOOD, EARTHQUAKE, TORNADO ETC, Deluxe Barber College will follow the San Antonio School District closing policy or you can call us at 281-456-4600 (emergence number) for more information. If a weather emergency arises during school hours, school will be dismissed and students will be allowed to make calls and arrange transportation if they do not have cars.

For other emergencies like FIRE, BOMB ETC we will follow the general evacuation procedure, by immediately evacuating the building and calling the proper authority and to remain outside till we are cleared to come back inside.


Alert others in the area/building.

Call 911 if necessary.

Evacuate the building if necessary.

If the fire is small and it is safe to do so, once the evacuation has begun, use a fire extinguisher to put out the fire safely.

Remember, safe evacuation is always the primary concern.


 1. No smoking near the building.

 2. No eating or drinking in the lobby or classroom.

 3. Drug and alcohol are not permitted on the premises. Violation of this rule leads to immediate termination. Proper law enforcement agencies will be contacted if a student is in possession of illegal substances.

 4. Absenteeism and tardiness are grounds for termination. Excused absences will be determined at the discretion of school managemen

5. If a student is absent more than three (3) consecutive days, the student will be required to furnish the school with a doctor’s statement or a document stating the reason for the absence.

 6. Students must notify the school when absent.

 7. Saturdays are MANDATORY. Students not reporting on Saturday are not allow till the following Saturday.

 8. No loud talking, laughing, foul language, horse playing, teasing, fighting will be tolerated.

 9. Students cannot refuse any assignment, refusing can result in immediate termination.

 10. All students are required to clean mirror and work areas at the end of the day.

 11. No gambling or concealed weapons are allowed on school premises. If this rule is violated the student will be terminated immediately.

 12. All students are required to be in the proper uniform and wear a clean smock.

 13. Students helping students is not permitted without management approval.

 14. All students are required to get permission to leave the building.

 15. Students are not allowed to hang outside the school, on the sidewalk or in cars.

 16. Students will be issued a time card and will check in at the beginning of the day and check at the end of the day including during breaks.

 17. Students are required to attend theory class Tuesday-Friday. All students must complete TDLR required practical application and pass a final exit exam before the State Board request documents are complete by the school.

 18. No sitting in client’s area and chairs. Students are not allowed to loiter in the customer lobby area.

 19. No abuse of school equipment such as the barber chairs and shampoo chairs etc.

 20. Students must wear their smocks at all time and to dressed appropriately according to the school dress code.

 21. Students must bring their tools and books to schools everyday or you will not be allowed to clock in.

 22.  Students are not allowed to borrow or tamper with other students tools without their approval.

 23. Students will be suspended for soliciting tips or being hustle to customers.


Admission Policy

    Deluxe Barber College representatives will conduct an oral interview with all perspective students. Classes start Tuesday of each week and registration should be completed the week before the starting date.

The registration requirements are as follows:

Evaluating the validity of High School Diploma

Deluxe Barber College will check with the state, accreditation agencies and/or school website for validity of a student’s high school diploma if we have reason to believe that the diploma is not valid or was not obtained from an entity that provides secondary school education. Student self-certification is not considered a sufficient proof of validity and there is no appeal process if our office of admission is unable to validate high school diploma.

 In addition to checking online for further information about the high school issuing the diploma and its accreditation, Deluxe Barber College may also contact the Department of Education in the state in which the diploma was issued to determine if the school listed on the diploma is on the state’s list of recognized schools. Lack of accreditation does not necessarily make a high school ineligible. Our school maintains a list of possible known diploma mills for the admissions staff to check when receiving a diploma from an unknown and questionable source. It is understood that this list may not necessarily be 100% accurate and may not be all inclusive as there are hundreds of diploma mills some known and some not currently known. It is also understood that the list of schools in the FAFSA drop down box online also may not be all inclusive.  The school makes every reasonable effort to verify the validity of questionable high school diplomas.

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