Barbershop Owner

Barber School Owner

A Company’s Barber Product Sales Specialist

State Barber Board Inspector

Men’s Hairstylist in a salon or barbershop

A Celebrity Personal Hairstylist

Hotel and Resort Salons

Cruise Ships Barber Stylist

Self-Employed Master Barber

Barber Instructor

Program Overview

In the first half of your barber training, we will teach you theories and practical techniques. In the second half, you will enter the shop floor, getting hands-on practice and building your confidence as you cut clients’ hair. With our 1,500-hour program, you will learn: Haircutting and Hairstyling, Shaving, Skin care, Business management, The history of barbering, and if you’re ready for a change, we are ready for you. Fill out and submit the form and one of our counselors will walk you through the barber school facility.

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