Deluxe Barber College

12636 Nacogdoches Road

San Antonio TX 78217

210.655.9999 -phone



Deluxe Barber College is located at a shopping center in northeast part of San Antonio. Public transportation is available and parking is unlimited both in front and at the back. Different fast food restaurants are in walking distance. The school is a modern facility designed to afford maximum support of the teaching and learning environment.

The school has an executive office, a theory room (consisting of various types of audio visual training aids, charts, barber chair, desks, blackboard, mannequins, etc.) laboratories and spacious clinic areas consisting of work stations, sterilizers, dispensary for supplies, shampoo bowls, dryers, large reception area, and waiting area.

Spacious lounge with refrigerator and microwave for break periods. A time clock located at the reception area for recording actual hours of attendance by students.


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