1. There will be absolutely no sleeping at school. Anyone found sleeping at school would be dismissed and suspended for one day.
2. There is no smoking anywhere in the school.
3. It is the student's responsibility to be aware of patron at their station. The receptionist will not search for any student. If a patron is left at a student's station unattended for more than five minutes, that student will be suspended.
4. Only the receptionist in charge of the front desk does patron assignments. Students are not allowed to choose their own patron or get any patron out of the waiting area.
5. Students will service any patron assigned to them. There will be absolutely no switching patrons for any reasons.
6. Requests will be handled in the following matter: The student will be notified of the request and receive payment at the time the patron is seated. Requests do not get special privileges over non-requests. The student will serve other patrons before their request to reduce overcrowding if necessary.
7. Any student refusing to serve a patron will be immediately suspended.
8. Students are not allowed in the offices or supply room without permission.
9. Students may not loiter around the front desk.
10. Students may not leave the premises except during lunch.
11. Cooperation with student teachers and the receptionist in charge of the front desk is mandatory.
12. Students must completely clean their station every day. Mirrors, chair bases, drawers, and cabinets must be cleaned and floor swept before the student is allowed to leave for a day.

1. Students are to use the student’s phone for all incoming and outgoing calls. Limit phone call to 3 minutes. A student will not be called out of class or from work on a client for a telephone unless it's an emergency.
2. Students should inform callers to use the student’s phone number instead of the business number.

1. Students may get their own hair done once a week during the specified times of Tuesday thru Thursday.
2. Students must get permission from the instructor and sign out on the roll sheet at the front desk before any work is done, anyone not signed out, will get up and cut if needed or will get up and go home.
3. Only one student may get their hair done at a time.
4. Student facials will be allowed if there are no patrons waiting for service, if it gets busy, the student will immediately get up to serve a patron.


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